Local time on 21st February,2016, the 1st HSK examination was held by Confucius Institute of the University of Guyana. The examination was in orderliness and completely succeeded thanks to the cooperation and organization of the faculty.

      The Chinese language examination covers three levels and 26 people attended this examination totally . Among which, the oldest is already 74 years old and the youngest is 19. The group covers all sectors of society like UG students, UG staff, government employees and so on. Pairs like “man&wife” or “uncle&nephew” could even be seen there. “Since the influence of China has tremendously increased around the world, Learning Chinese well can not only help us find satisfactory work in Guyana, but can offer us opportunities to supply for scholarship and study in China as well. “,said the candidates. For the attention they had paid to the exam, they were little nervous at first. However, under the help of teachers there, they completed the answer sheets well and then good states made everything go on wheels. At the last part, the teachers count the papers and filed them strictly as they had been requested by Hanban which signaled that the 1st HSK examination ended smoothly. After the exam, the president and teachers of Confucius Institute communicated with the students kindly. Also, candidates showed great confidence in the exam and believed that they can achieve good results.  

       The Confucius Institute of the University of Guyana paid much attention to the 1st HSK examination and the promoting principles of Chinese language that” examination facilitates both learning and teaching, which should be well combined.” was realized during this exam.

      To ensure the examination works go smoothly, the faculty of Confucius Institute gathered their strength and took many measures to make sure the exam can go on well. Specifically speaking, promoting the Chinese language examination half a year ahead in various ways, like introducing the test contents in Chinese class, posting information about it on website and campus boards ,doing lectures to introduce the Chinese examination comprehensively and so on. In addition, the service of consulting and register were done with serious attitude that the faculty answered various questions posted by students patiently and they concerned about the register matters all the time as well. Also, the teachers of Constitue Institutes were organized to pass the specific training test as requested by Hanban. All the endeavor mentioned above were in order to avoid any possible mistakes.