Local time in the afternoon on 10th April, the Confucius Institute of the University of Guyana attended the charity tea party organized by Inner Wheel Club as was invited,and made a performance of Taichi for the guests presented,which was well received.

         Inner Wheel is the biggest club of female volunteer service,devotes to helping women in need and children with disabilities as well as paying close attention to their physical and mental health.The earning of this charity tea party will totally be used to help children who suffer from poliomyelitis. Taichi is the cohesion of Chinese marrow which shows profound Chinese elements,and it could also bring hope of recovering to the children with disease.

       Attending this charity activity and supporting the work for the public good, can raise the profile of the University of Guyana on the one hand ,and on the other hand, it  becomes another new communication way between the local society and Confucius Insititute at the University of Guyana as well.