Local time in Guyana at 5 p.m. on 22nd and 31st  in march,the Confucius Institute at the University of Guyana attended “World Tale-telling Day” and “World Poetry Day”respectively at the conference hall of the state library in Guyana. These activities were launched by UNESCO and sponsored by culture ministry of Guyana as well as the University of Guyana with the purpose of supporting the idea advocated by UNESCO that the variety of language shall be revealed through tales and poetry.As China’s sole representative,Confucius Institute at the University of Guyana took part in the activities.

The theme of this year’s “World tale-telling” is”strong women”.Justin,a student of Confucius Institute,told the audience the story of Mulan who joined the army in order to substitute for her old father,which aroused the audience’s great interests and achieved warmly applause.While at the poetry recitation,MA Zhe and Elsa,the students from Confucius Institute,recited the famous poetry ‘Farewell to Cambridge’ written by Xu Zhimo. The audience were deeply impressed by their performance and showed enthusiasm to learn Chinese.

The audience came from all sectors of society including ministry of culture,ministry of education,embassies from various countries,many elementary and secondary school and the University of Guyana.At the same time,the activities also earned the attention of the media in Guyana and were covered by them.