On October 2nd local time, Confucius Institute at University of Guyana participated in the “Open Day” of the Cyril Potter College of Education, and provided a fantastic Chinese culture show for the guests.

The minister gave a speech. The Chinese teacher wrote the calligraphy for the minister Chinese tea art show

During the show Minister of Education, Hon. Dr Rupert visited CI’s site and was attracted by Chinese calligraphy. Zhao Qian, a Chinese language teacher, wrote “Welcome to Confucius Institute” in calligraphy and gave it to the Minister.

Confucius Institute’s site was decorated by many Chinese elements including Chinese knots, lanterns, facial makeups, traditional musical instruments and so on, which attracted crowds of guests to visit. Tea art show by a volunteer teacher, Lin Jiani, gained a lot of applause and praise from the crowd. Chinese painting, Confucius magazines and other Chinese stuff all provide a chance for the guests to experience and understand Chinese culture.

Translated by Zhang Yinlu