April 22th, 2016 0f Guyana Time,  a lecture aiming “to spread Chinese traditional culture and develop the essence of traditional Chinese medicine ” held at the lecture hall of Education Campus by Confucius Institute at the University of Guyana .  In this lecture, Jia Lei, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor from the 11th medical team, brought the students and faculty of the University of Guyana  a brand-new lecture in the style of tradition-Chinese-medical-treatment experiencing.  The group leader, Wang Yongxiang, together with 11 group member also attended this lecture. Different people, including students from Health Service Campus of the University of Guyana and other people who are interested in traditional Chinese medicine were also present.

        Doctor Jia Lei, using the foreigners’ household words “Baozhilin” and “Huang Feihong” as examples, gave a vivid and simple illustration of theories of traditional Chinese medicine and  acupuncture and moxibustion with both pictures and words. His illustration contributed to a brand-new understanding of traditional Chinese medicine among Guyana people which shortened the distance between them and traditional Chinese  medicine. Afterwards, Doctor Jia Lei designed a series of experiencing activities for the present audience. He not only introduced some easy and useful Chinese traditional health-care skills and but also invited curious teachers and students to try the mysterious treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It provoked warm reactions among the audience. They are eager to state their illness condition and to accept the treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, and cupping. The audience  repeatedly appraised in Chinese “Marvelous! Wonderful! Good doctor! ” At the same time, many audience consulted doctor Jia Lei about where can they know more about traditional Chinese medicine  and get more Chinese treatment. This lecture, running in order, vividly displayed three-dimensional culture of Chinese medicine and Chinese language, which enabled local resident feel the happiness of green-style health-care and the medical achievement of  “to make a definite diagnose once to be looked and to show effect once to be treated.” The local resident showed great respect to Chinese doctors, who are reflecting the benevolent professional ethics

      As the transmission of the Chinese culture in the world , the tide of “traditional Chinese medicine ” is on the rise. The promotion of Chinese medicine culture is accelerating from a solid foundation.  Confucius Institute is both a platform of transmitting Chinese medical culture and an important base to promote the Chinese medical culture internationally. Just as president Xi Jinping said when he attended the inauguration ceremony of Confucius Institute at Rmit university in Australia, that  the combination of the traditional and modern Chinese medicine and Chinese teaching provides a new window for the world people to know Chinese culture”. The successful holding of this  Chinese medical lecture exhibited the charms of the Chinese medical culture to students and faculties at the university of Guyana and local residents, increased the attractive points of Chinese medical culture and benefited to the understanding and familiarizing of Chinese medical culture of Guyana people, so that they will naturally feel and accept Chinese medical culture.