On Oct. 6th (local time), Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, Minister of Education of Guyana, had a meet with the Chinese director and the Chinese language teacher of Confucius Institute at University of Guyana. Representatives of Chinese enterprises accompanied them during this meet.

Mr. Rupert Roopnaraine congratulated on the achievements that Confucius Institute has made so far, and showed his concerns about the curriculum of Chinese courses and the status quo of students. Mr. Rupert Roopnaraine also affirmed the passion of Chinese language teachers from China in their teaching and hoped that both sides could enhance mutual understanding and make good use of the active role played by the Confucius Institute in educational exchanges, so as to cultivate more outstanding high-level talents with comprehensive competence to work in economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Afterward, the Chinese director conducted a brief review of the recent cultural activities and the plan of setting Confucius classroom, and stated the difficulties that they faced. Mr. Rupert Roopnaraine seriously responded, and promised to write a letter to Guyanese primary and middle schools, asking them to coordinate with Confucius Institute. In addition, the Chinese director elaborated that Dalian University of Foreign Languages was willing to host an art troupe next year, to provide a cultural feast for Guyanese celebrating the 50 anniversary of National Day. Mr. Rupert Roopnaraine gave his suggestions on the location and time of the performance. Mr. Rupert Roopnaraine highly commended the success in international Chinese language education by the Confucius Institute and hoped that both sides could make full use of the sound relations between the two countries to further strengthen their language and cultural communication and exchanges.