On Oct. 13rd (local time), the Confucius Institute visited St.Rose’s High School, providing students there with traditional Chinese sports events. Tachi experience, shuttlecock kicking, and other sports gained a lot of cheers and applauses.

To enrich the enjoyment of Chinese culture, cultural experience and sports events were combined this time. The activity was decorated into three parts, namely exhibition zone of Chinese cultural knowledge, sports zone and experience zone of minority ethnic dressing. On 11 o’clock, the cultural feast began officially. Under the festival atmosphere, students steamed in and out with curiosity. Symbolic meaning of twelve animals for each year, 100 family names, and elaboration on Chinese culture attracted students to come to exhibition stand continually. The first close contact with Chinese chess and musical instruments opened a gate for the students towards the splendid and mysteries China. The busiest zone appeared in the sports zone. Students followed the instructions from the teachers, and played Tachi carefully. A battle of shuttlecock kicking turned up the heat of the activity, and set off a new interest among the students. Photos kept the joy and happiness of that day.