May 23th, under the warm invitation of Guyana former president Heize, the art tour group of Dalian University of Foreign Languages came to Georgetown and presented an artistic performance named “From Great Wall to Kaieture Fall.” Zhi Limin,China’s ambassador to Guyana and his wife, Heize, former president of Guyana and his wife, Shen Huiyong, the counselor of China’s ambassador to Guyana, and his wife, Chinese enterprise in Guyana, and teachers and students in Confucius Institute at the university of Guyana all attended this artistic show,which has about 1000 people in total.

 The ambassador Zhang Liping showed great congratulations to and spoke high of this artistic show. He said, “it is my great honor to watch the performance by the tour group of DUFL. Guyana and China are in great relationship.Guyana people highly welcome Chinese tour team.The performers in this tour group are still students, but their excellent skills and brilliant presentation are comparable to the professional performers. The warm applause from the audience is the best encouragement to this successful show. As an ambassador to Guyana, I feel proud of you and heartily hope that more artistic performance can be brought to Guyana.”

 The Artistic Show of “From Great Wall to Kaieture Fall”fully reflects the colorful and varied Chinese culture. The performances such as lion dance, Taiqi, Chinese dancing and traditional Chinese painting all won warm applause from the audience. Meanwhile, students of Confucius Institute at the university of Guyana were the hosts and actors of this artistic show. Their affluent Chinese also got high affirmation form the audience. Before the start of this artistic show, a photography exhibition of Liu Rishen was also conducted at the National Cultural Center. His works are famous for directly and multi-dimensionally presenting the beauty of China. Guyana people were deeply attracted by the charms of China painted in Liu’s photography’s works.