Hello everyone!Our new Chinese classes will begin at September 14,everybody who is interested in learning Chinese language and culture is warmly welcomed to join us and we will continue to try our best to provide classes with best quality.
(1) Chinese Language Basic Level 1:for beginners,without any Chinese language background.
(2) Chinese Language Basic Level 2&3:for continuing students
(3) Chinese Language Intermediate Level 1(Level 4):for the students who passed the basic level 3 class.
(4) TaiChi Class
Notice:Chinese classes are the credit course of UG.
Duration of Time:
Classes will be held from September 14 to December 13-four classes per week.
Confucius Institute (bottom flat of the Education building), Turkeyen Campus, UG

G$5000 for Basic Level 1(for beginners)
G$8000 for Baisic Level 2&3 (continuing students )
G$10000 for Intermediate Level 1(level 4,continuing students)
G$5000 for TaiChi Class
UG Students and staffs for free.
Registration Information:
Registration Time: September 1-12(9:30 -11:30 am & 2:30 -5:00 pm)
Please bring a valid ID when registering.

Thank you for all the persons who spent all those splendid and unforgettable days with us.The tentative CIUG timetable have been uploaded,please find out the best time for you and spread it to others,hope you continue focusing on our facebook page and website to get the latest information.Thank you very much!