On February 9th (local time), “Chinese Kaleidoscope” was broadcasted by CIUG, a program about China and Chinese music at Voice of Guyana (VoG), 102.5FM.


“Chinese Kaleidoscope”, an English program broadcasted from 19 hours 30 to 20 hours on every Tuesday evening. The program provides varieties of Chinese music to audience, including tradition folk music, modern pop music and so on. In addition, broadcasters from CIUG share interesting stories behind music, as well as many aspects on Chinese culture, tradition and customs.  To make this program more acceptable by the local people, broadcasters did a sufficient survey, and asked suggestions from experienced hosts.  Audience may find the series of programs on the websites of VoG and CIUG.


With the success of the music program, CIUG plans to launch others programs focused on Chinese language teaching and learning, which will be broadcasted both on TV and radio. CIUG will invite students and people fond of love to participate in these programs.


Translated by Connie Zhao